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Laboratory Testing

The main objective of laboratory testing is to analyze the user-friendliness and functional effectiveness of web sites. It is based on a systematic approach to consumers’ decision-making processes in a navigation situation. It is also based on concurrent verbalizations (protocol analysis), on analyses of consumers’ navigation processes (log analysis) and on in-depth interviews. An in-depth analysis of consumers’ evaluations of web sites is performed by reviewing:

  • Appearance
  • Navigation and clarity of site
  • Format of data posted
  • Page downloading time
  • Confidence in the site and the company
  • Confidence in the security of the site
  • Online forms
  • Special offers on the site
  • Search engine used

To evaluate the efficiency of a particular web site, the following variables are measured:

  • Degree of difficulty of the task
  • Degree of accessibility of information posted on the site
  • Way in which the information is evaluated and understood by the consumer
  • Moments of frustration and doubt during navigation
  • ‘Dead ends’ (moments of ‘going nowhere’)

By measuring these variables, strengths and weaknesses of web site navigation are determined. Respondents are recruited from consumer panels. A total of 30 consumers is sufficient to generate reliable and valid recommendations.

Data is collected in four phases:
(1) Warm-up task
(2) Experimental task
(3) Questionnaire
(4) Interview

The whole procedure of the four phases and the data collection usually takes approximately one month. The end result is a sound assessment of the user-friendliness of the web site with regard to its overall navigation and functional effectiveness.


The report includes recommendations for creating a more effective website and more user-friendly experience. The client will have access to data collected from the test consumers.


Starting at € 7500 per site (excluding VAT), depending on precise requirements.
UNWTO will qualify for a 10% reduction on the price noted above.

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Laboratory Testing

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