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Strategic Website Evaluation

The Strategic Website Evaluation includes the Website Audit and a further in-depth Content & Services Evaluation.

The In-depth Content & Services Evaluation evaluates the qualities of the site as a destination marketing web site and judges the online marketing performance of the DMO against strategy for the destination.

The evaluation takes as its starting point what the DMO is trying to communicate and its general marketing strategy. Also the political and operational constraints that may be placed upon the organisation. The evaluation of online marketing activities is undertaken in the context of this knowledge. For this reason, this evaluation starts with an interview and with the gathering of knowledge by means of a questionnaire.

This enables weighting of criteria to be individualised for the objectives and strategy of the destination and the evaluator is able to focus on the most important criteria in achieving these objectives.

The In-depth Content & Services Evaluation consists of more than 150 detailed sector specific criteria in addition to the more than 100 general criteria of the Initial Website Audit. These relate to the presence, quality and performance of the following services:

  • Information services
  • Contact services
  • Relationship services
  • Transaction services
  • Entertainment services


The Content and Services Evaluation report addresses issues that are important in the achievement of the objectives of the individual DMO and highlights areas where information and/or services are well delivered and where improvements can be made. It provides insight into the quality and performance of these services, in the context of the DMO’s strategy. The evaluation includes a report with recommendations for improvements.

The DMO is given online access to the Destination Web Watch Database where the results of both elements comprising the Full Web Site Evaluation (the Initial Website Audit and the In-depth Content & Services Evaluation) may be viewed. The DMO can compare the quality of its web site and related communications with those of peer DMOs.


€ 4500 per site/per language, excluding VAT and travelling costs incurred for the meeting and the interview with representatives of the DMO.
UNWTO will qualify for a 10% reduction on the price noted above.

Website Audit

The initial non-sector specific Website Audit, including a full accessibility (WAI) evaluation and search engine performance assessment. webdesign image

Strategic Website Evaluation

In depth Strategic Website Evaluation includes the Website Audit and a further in-depth Strategic Evaluation. webdesign image

Online User Survey

Learn more about the visitors to your site. Online surveys offer a fast, low cost method of asking detailed questions of specific target groups. webdesign image

Newsletter Audit

Email Newsletter Audit, developed to assist DMOs in making correct and effective use of the electronic newsletter. webdesign image

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing is a thorough assessment of decision-making processes of consumers when navigating your site. webdesign image