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Website Audit

Provides DMOs with a quick and reliable tool to evaluate the quality of their web sites.

The Website Audit enables a DMO to evaluate the performance of its site based on proven usability and other criteria and to benchmark the site’s performance against other DMO sites.

This evaluation is not sector or subject-specific. It is exactly what its name indicates: an initial, sound assessment of the standards a good web site, and, therefore, also a destination web site, should minimally meet. The Full Web Site Evaluation is a more in-depth evaluation which also assesses sector-specific critical success factors.

Websites are assessed against more than 100 quality criteria and critical success factors for websites in each of the following six categories:

  • Accessibility and readability
  • Identity and trust
  • Customization and interactivity
  • Navigation
  • Findability and search engine optimization
  • Technical performance

The criteria are based on sources including:

  • The guidelines and recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
  • Surveys that determine the factors which influence the apparent trustworthiness and usability of web sites
  • Legal requirements in the main travel markets
  • The behaviour of search engine users
  • The factors which may influence the ranking in search engines
  • The experiences of people who have become experts in the field of usability and other critical success factors
  • Precise measurement such as download speed and page ranking


In addition to a summary report comparing the site performance with the best and worst performing DMO sites and a clear action plan, clients are given online access to the Initial Web Audit Database to view the detailed evaluation, including the scores and comments for the individual criteria.


€ 1550 (excluding VAT) per audit per site/language version.
UNWTO members will qualify for a 10% reduction on the price noted above.

Website Audit

The initial non-sector specific Website Audit, including a full accessibility (WAI) evaluation and search engine performance assessment. webdesign image

Strategic Website Evaluation

In depth Strategic Website Evaluation includes the Website Audit and a further in-depth Strategic Evaluation. webdesign image

Online User Survey

Learn more about the visitors to your site. Online surveys offer a fast, low cost method of asking detailed questions of specific target groups. webdesign image

Newsletter Audit

Email Newsletter Audit, developed to assist DMOs in making correct and effective use of the electronic newsletter. webdesign image

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing is a thorough assessment of decision-making processes of consumers when navigating your site. webdesign image