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About Destination Web Watch

The UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) Destination Web Watch scheme was launched in November 2005 as part of a project to help destination management organisations (DMOs) maximise their spend in the area of website development and online marketing.

Work on the UNWTO Organisation of an Evaluation and Benchmarking Scheme for Destination Websites commenced in collaboration with IFITT (International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism) during 2002 with the appointment of a Project Group. Members of IFITT and representatives of the UNWTO Business Council brought their unique expertise to this project, under the chairmanship of Dr. Roger Carter.

During 2004/5 the audit and online survey methodologies were piloted, forming a database against which website evaluations are benchmarked.


The objectives of the project are to:

  • Encourage and help DMOs to enhance the quality of their web activity and systems
  • Enable DMOs to assess the performance of their web sites, in relation to those of peer DMOs
  • Facilitate co-operation between DMOs with regard to web activity and to encourage innovation of products and services
  • Enhance understanding of the key factors that influence the effectiveness of web sites
  • Offer practical and affordable services for DMOs

Research & analysis, reports & action plans

Results are entered into central databases for analysis and benchmarking. The results will be made available through:

  • The confidential reports of Destination Web Watch services proivided to DMO clients
  • DMOs will be able to opt-in to exchanging data relating to their individual web activities with other DMOs, particularly within peer groups
  • Customized analysis and interpretation for individual DMOs or a group of DMOs, in accordance with their specifications
  • Aggregate ad-hoc data-mining analysis for academic research or to meet specific DMO needs, expressed through a Project Research Group or the UNWTO Business Council

The Destination Web Watch scheme will contribute to the understanding of the consultants involved, the academic world and the DMOs of the key factors that influence the success of online marketing activities.

Continuous exchange of knowledge is an extremely important aspect of the project. It will ensure that the underlying insights and principles of the Destination Web Watch services remain up-to-date.

Website Audit

The initial non-sector specific Website Audit, including a full accessibility (WAI) evaluation and search engine performance assessment. webdesign image

Strategic Website Evaluation

In depth Strategic Website Evaluation includes the Website Audit and a further in-depth Strategic Evaluation. webdesign image

Online User Survey

Learn more about the visitors to your site. Online surveys offer a fast, low cost method of asking detailed questions of specific target groups. webdesign image

Newsletter Audit

Email Newsletter Audit, developed to assist DMOs in making correct and effective use of the electronic newsletter. webdesign image

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing is a thorough assessment of decision-making processes of consumers when navigating your site. webdesign image