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Making sure that destination web sites work well need not be left to chance. The difference between success and failure can generally be attributed to measurable criteria and the objective of Destination Web Watch is to help destination management organisations evaluate and benchmark the quality and effectiveness of their websites against best practice.

Destination Web Watch is the world's only official destination website evaluation and benchmarking scheme. The scheme is endorsed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and based on global research and best practice criteria.The complementary evaluation methodologies enable a greater understanding of how well a website works and why.

Methods include an initial non-sector specific Website Audit, an in depth Strategic Website Evaluation, Online User Surveys, a Newsletter Audit and Laboratory Testing.

Website Audit

The initial non-sector specific Website Audit, including a full accessibility (WAI) evaluation and search engine performance assessment. webdesign image

Strategic Website Evaluation

In depth Strategic Website Evaluation includes the Website Audit and a further in-depth Strategic Evaluation. webdesign image

Online User Survey

Learn more about the visitors to your site. Online surveys offer a fast, low cost method of asking detailed questions of specific target groups. webdesign image

Newsletter Audit

Email Newsletter Audit, developed to assist DMOs in making correct and effective use of the electronic newsletter. webdesign image

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing is a thorough assessment of decision-making processes of consumers when navigating your site. webdesign image